1. Quiz: Do You Know Your Phobias?

    A "Specific Phobia" is an Anxiety Disorder marked by a persistent fear of a specific object or situation. The person with this disorder realizes that the fear is excessive or unreasonable. Being exposed to the feared object or situation provokes an immediate anxiety response and people will go to great lengths to avoid it. It is estimated that about 13% of individuals will experience a Specific Ph…Read More

  2. Rely on our Family and Individual Therapy in Southfield, MI to Heal Emotionally

    Do you bottle up your feelings and emotions until the point of breaking? Here at Steven J. Hanley Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist, we can help you communicate openly about your feelings. Many people who do keep their feelings to themselves don’t know what else to do. If this sounds like you, or someone close to you that you care for, maybe it is time that you look into family and individual therapy …Read More

  3. How to Choose a Therapist

    Choosing a therapist is an important decision.  It is not as important as choosing who you marry, but it is more important than which restaurant you go to for dinner tonight.  Finding a good enough therapist for you can have a profound impact on the course of your life.  Whether you are struggling with debilitating anxiety and depression or you simply want to learn more about yourself and the w…Read More

  4. Visit with our Psychologist in Southfield, MI

    Are you so in love with life that you just can’t wait for tomorrow? If that sounds like the attitude you would love to have but you aren’t there yet, have you thought about coming to our psychologist in Southfield, MI? We have a psychologist that can give you the results you are willing to work towards. Steven J. Hanley, Ph.D. is more than qualified to coach you through the rough times that yo…Read More