1. Feeling Stuck? 6 Tips for Unsticking and Living Freely

    When I was younger (but probably old enough to know better) I got stuck on the roof of our house trying to retrieve an errant frisbee I was tossing around with some friends. As I remember it, we had precariously placed a step stool on some cinder blocks in order to just barely gain enough height for someone (me) to do a pull up past the gutter. Having successfully scaled the roof and retrieved the…Read More

  2. 5 Psychology Lessons of “Making a Murderer” on Netflix

    If you haven’t seen “Making a Murderer” on Netlflix do yourself a favor and go watch it as soon as you are done reading this post. If you are worried about a few (very minor) spoilers then go watch it and come back to read this later. You can watch the first episode on YouTube here. Below I’ll discuss 5 psychology lessons we can learn from the show. But first, some background. “Making a …Read More