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Do you wonder if therapy will help you get your life back on track? Are you struggling to feel better and more fulfilled? Are you curious about counseling but anxious about “doing it right”? Are you hesitant to start therapy again after bad experience with a therapist in the past?

You aren’t the only one with these questions! In fact, these are some of the most common ones people have when thinking about scheduling a first visit with me.

I am invested in doing good therapy that brings about positive results. Here is a general description of the type of person I can be most helpful to:

You are stuck.

Maybe it’s in a job or a relationship. Your anxiety gets in your way, even though those close to you might not know that you struggle. Sometimes you are even paralyzed with depression, but you know you have it in you to feel better.

Maybe you are a creative who can’t find her mojo. Maybe you are a successful academic who worries his life will be a lonely one, forever. You have dreams of building something great but you’ve gotten off track. You worry that you don’t have anything of value to share with anyone. Or, you recognize you have a gift but are plagued with self doubts and a negative inner critic.

You need a safe place to tell and sort through your story.

You ask yourself “why therapy?” You are open to the idea that your sadness, depression, or anxiety have earlier origins in life. You want to explore how your history has shaped your present. You want to take control of your future.

You want relief but aren’t expecting a quick fix. You are ready to do the hard sometimes scary work of looking inward.

Does any of that sound like you? If it does please give me a call and we can discuss how working together in therapy can be helpful.

When therapy works well you can expect some or all of the following:

  • Relief from troubling emotional symptoms like depression and anxiety
  • Improved relationships with loved ones, friends, and colleagues
  • New insights about your personality and it’s historical roots
  • Freedom from unhealthy patterns of living
  • More joy in life

You deserve to feel better. It is time to take the first step.