Are you thinking that it is time you come in to see Steven J. Hanley Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist in Southfield, MI? If you aren’t sure or you can’t bring yourself to terms that marriage and couples counseling could really help your relationship, here are some reasons why you should schedule an appointment:

  1. Did you know that less than 5% of the population who gets a divorce actually saw a marriage counselor?

  2. Relationship skills are learned, not given.

  3. Seeking couples or marriage counseling early is key to saving your relationship.

  4. Marriage counseling is hard work and is once again, earned.

  5. You both have to be willing to work on saving your relationship.

We know that the above statements are different in every situation and every relationship. If you are still wary about coming into see Steven J. Hanley Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist, here are some different skills you will learn to develop and improve your marriage with:

  1. You’ll learn better ways of communication.

  2. You will learn how to argue in a healthier way. Yes, there is a healthy way to argue with one another.

  3. You’ll learn how to resolve conflicts on your own in a productive manner.

  4. You will learn the differences between the emotions we show and appropriate expressions for different situations.

  5. You will learn how to work through tough and unresolved issues.

Though there are many more key points to our counseling sessions, we know that the 5 we just mentions are worthy skills you will learn when you make an appointment with us. Visit us online now to schedule your first marriage or couples counseling appointment. Keep in mind that we do offer family and individual therapy sessions in the Southfield, MI area as well.