Are you wanting to improve your quality of life? Steven J. Hanley Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist is here to give you all the support you need and more.  At our office we concentrate on giving you the best family and individual therapy in the Southfield, MI area. Not only do we concentrate on just that, but we are the premier marriage and couples counseling office in the area as well.

We know that dysfunctional families can be a normal thing here in Southfield, MI, but we want your dysfunctional family to have great communication all the while staying encouraging for everyone in your family. Many family issues that our clinical psychologist sees includes the following:

  • Improving communication with one another
  • Dealing with drug and alcohol problems or a chronic illness of a family member
  • Death of a family member
  • Problems with children’s behavioral issue after divorce of the parents
  • Adoption issues
  • Children who are struggling to find independence
  • Court ordered family therapy
  • Parenting issues between parents whom are divorced

 Don’t worry, if you’re immediate family is in good standing but your marriage seems to be falling apart, don’t be afraid to step up to get help from Steven J. Hanley Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist. There are many different things that can cause problems in a marriage. Whatever those problems are, we can help you by giving you our best opinions on what is happening in your marriage. We want you to be happy. If you aren’t comfortable with talking with your spouse about problems, we invite you to make an individual appointment to talk things out with our psychologist by yourself first.  To schedule an appointment with us today, visit us online here.