Has your marriage become more of a chore than an enjoyable part of your life?  If so, it may be time to consult Dr. Hanley.  He is well trained and experienced in marriage and couples counseling in Southfield, MI.  There is no shame in coming to Dr. Hanley about the problems that you are encountering in your once exciting marriage. Though many couples lose their relational spark, Dr. Hanley can help guide you to a more satisfying and fulfilling marriage.

Many couples are apprehensive about getting help from a psychologist.  Dr. Hanley understands that this is a difficult first step.  He is also confident that working on your marriage can be very helpful process.  Often, husbands and wives find that they can talk more openly and effectively with each other during (and after) sessions with Dr. Hanley.  Your marriage doesn’t have to be on the verge of divorce either to benefit from marriage counseling.  Marriage counseling can make a good marriage even better.  Other reasons for coming into see Steven J. Hanley PhD. Clinical Psychologist could include: concerns about compatibility (e.g., pre-marital counseling), adjusting to living with your new spouse, dealing with the emotional toll that raising children may have on your marriage, or working through financial stresses or disagreements.  These are just a few.

If you and your spouse are going through any concerns in your marriage, we suggest you give us a call today or schedule your appointment online by filling out the short form to the right of the screen.