If you are in need of a place to go to get the best therapy around in Southfield, MI, look no further. Visit our clinical psychologist office to get an appointment with  Steven J. Hanley. Steven is a very well known psychologist in the Southfield, MI area. He has many different services available.

Take advantage of all the services we can provide! We have marriage counseling, couples therapy, family therapy , and individual therapy available. If you are on the fence about seeing a psychologist, know that we are here to help. We can help with communication issues, sexual concerns, newly married or couples who are thinking about getting married that have concerns, financial strains and much more.

If you would like to learn more about our clinical psychologist Steven J Hanley, you can go to our about us page. When you visit this page, you will be able to learn about our doctor! He will give you all of his qualifications, training, publications, associations, and activities.  He also tells how he got himself into this field of practice, and why.

If you would like to set up a free consultation with Steven, please go to our website! There you will be able to fill out a short form, tell us how we can help! We look forward to meeting you!