1. Is Therapy Right For You?

    Do you wonder if therapy will help you get your life back on track? Are you struggling to feel better and more fulfilled? Are you curious about counseling but anxious about “doing it right”? Are you hesitant to start therapy again after bad experience with a therapist in the past? You aren’t the only one with these questions! In fact, these are some of the most common ones people have when t…Read More

  2. The Psychogenealogist

    Announcing: The Psychogenealogist This new site explores the spaces where psychology, genealogy, and history converge - one story at a time. As a professional psychologist I am interested in other peoples' stories. As an amateur genealogist I am interested in primary my own. I hope The Psychogenealogist will inspire you to learn about and tell your own family story. I draw heavily on my own  gen…Read More

  3. Home Buying Stress Management

    How To Manage The Stress Of Buying Or Selling A House: Realtor Interview

    If you have ever purchased or sold a home you know that it can be a stressful experience. For most people, buying a home is usually the single biggest purchase that they will ever make. Selling a house has unique set of stressors. I recently interviewed a local real estate agent to discuss some of this stress and how she helps clients manage it. Kelly Aulph began in real estate in 1998. Based in R…Read More

  4. The Business of Psychotherapy: Relationships and Community

    I’ve learned a lot about business since opening my psychotherapy private practice 9 years ago. Most of it was by necessity and none of it was taught to me in graduate school. Starting, growing, and maintaining a psychotherapy or counseling practice can be exhilarating and anxiety provoking. Ultimately, for me, it is been personally and professionally rewarding. Two of the most important lessons …Read More

  5. Procrastination: Everyone Does It (and here’s how not to)

    By: Rich Earnest, M.B.A and Steven J. Hanley, Ph.D. In fact, we just did. This post has been sitting on our to-do list for months. We all put off our responsibilities for another day. Some reasons are more acceptable than others. An impromptu family gathering because Aunt Trudy is in town seems like a reasonable excuse; binge watching House of Cards all weekend, not so much (ALERT: Netflix announ…Read More

  6. Feeling Stuck? 6 Tips for Unsticking and Living Freely

    When I was younger (but probably old enough to know better) I got stuck on the roof of our house trying to retrieve an errant frisbee I was tossing around with some friends. As I remember it, we had precariously placed a step stool on some cinder blocks in order to just barely gain enough height for someone (me) to do a pull up past the gutter. Having successfully scaled the roof and retrieved the…Read More

  7. 5 Psychology Lessons of “Making a Murderer” on Netflix

    If you haven’t seen “Making a Murderer” on Netlflix do yourself a favor and go watch it as soon as you are done reading this post. If you are worried about a few (very minor) spoilers then go watch it and come back to read this later. You can watch the first episode on YouTube here. Below I’ll discuss 5 psychology lessons we can learn from the show. But first, some background. “Making a …Read More

  8. The Holidays and Depression – Radio Interview

    Is there are difference between Holiday Stress and Depression? Do men and women cope differently with the emotional challenges of the season? What are some of the biggest challenges for marriages and families during this time of year? I was invited to discuss these issues and more with Dr. Suzanne Phillips, host of the radio show Psych Up Live. Take a listen! Also joining the panel for this hour l…Read More

  9. Truth: Not Just a Question of Morals or Ethics

    The main character in Edgar Allen Poe’s macabre short story “The Tell-Tale Heart” tried fruitlessly to keep a dark secret from the police: that he had murdered, dismembered, and hid a man’s body under the planks of his floor at home. While being interviewed by the police he initially feigns ignorance. Ultimately, the truth gets the better of him and he cracks with a near delusional confess…Read More

  10. 5 Awesome Psychology Pinterest Boards

    Pinterest is my new favorite social media platform for all things related to psychology! I scour the web for interesting facts, figures, and images about psychology so you don’t have to! If you are on Pinterest consider following my boards here www.pinterest.com/SJHanleyPhD. They are growing by the day! Here are a few of my favorite boards. Psychological Oddities This board is not for the squea…Read More